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What this program does; who runs it and why.
  • To Increase levels of self awareness, understanding of motivations, choices and options in living.
  • To see, chose and act in ways that make your life fuller and more satisfying to you.
  • To identify your individual place/stage in life and the issues that brings up for you.
  • To live the remainder of ones life more mindfully and intentionally moving toward the legacy we each want to leave;
  • To honor ones past, celebrate the present and embrace rather than fear the future.
Why us? Years of dedication and interest in enhancing the lives of CEO’s/business people. Unique combination of curriculum, research and seasoned business experienced organizational/clinical psychologist. Knowledgeable about managing change and transitions. On the journey with you.

My role as leader is to guide the curriculum; ask the tough questions, respect the dignity and uniqueness of each of us. Present challenges that help people stretch their comfort levels and grow. Be appropriately self-disclosing. Share expertise using a variety of materials. Ensuring everyone is getting something out of the program.

This is a journey we are all on. We strongly believe learning and growing can also be fun. We learn in many ways but one powerful way is in relationships. Everyone needs support and the right environment to thrive. We will be the caretakers of the environment here. We are in this for its entirety. Committed first to you as participants on this journey. We pay attention to people and results. You actively participate so the experience takes on more meaning for you.
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